About Us

ROC Title was built by passionate individuals in the title and escrow field who value personalized service, relationships, and efficient technologies.

Our Expertise

A smooth transaction attributes to the escrow officer’s level of expertise. That’s why we have the best professionals in the industry. Our client-centric model has paved the road for continual growth and expansion. As ROC Title continues to grow, so does our footprint.

Our Story

ROC Title was created by a group of professionals in the real estate industry that believed service, culture, and results could be packaged in a way that could revolutionize an entire industry. Since our inception, our client-centric model has paved the road to growth. We genuinely believe service is attached to the experience, and that’s how we want to present ourselves; As a fresh lifestyle brand that brings change and a new perspective to a line of work that is constantly framed by bureaucracy and stale propositions. 

Our impressive growth is fueled by a group of talented people who are passionate and committed to service. Our team of ROCstar professionals has built a model that is now expanding nationally while dominating the markets of Nevada and Arizona.

ROC Title is determined to become a national leader for Title and Escrow services, and we are thankful for all of those who trusted and gave this company an opportunity to be where it is.

Making Noise & Breaking Records

Are you ready
to ROC?

The band is ready, and they're only waiting for the star (you) to get on the stage! We have experienced and dedicated professionals that always seek and deliver the best customer service while being efficient and reliable. Contact us or get a quote now.

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