As we commemorate our 8th anniversary this October with “ROCTOBER,” we are excited to shine a spotlight on an organization that truly embodies the spirit of compassion and commitment: Western Arizona Humane Society (WAHS) in Lake Havasu City, AZ. 

 A Lifelong Bond: Adoption at WAHS 

 At WAHS, the journey of adoption is more than just finding a pet; it’s about forging a lifelong bond. They understand that adopting a furry companion is a significant commitment that brings joy, companionship, and responsibility to your family. With this in mind, they are dedicated to guiding you to find your next best friend, ensuring that the union between you and your new pet is a lasting and fulfilling one. 

 Every Life Matters: WAHS’s Compassionate Approach 

 At the heart of WAHS’s mission is a deep commitment to saving lives and making a positive impact on the community they serve. They stand as a refuge for animals in need, embracing every creature that arrives at their doors. Their philosophy is to help as many animals as possible within their available resources. This includes providing care and attention to healthy or treatable animals, and offering rehabilitation to those who require extra support before they find their forever homes. 

 A Holistic Network of Support 

 WAHS understands that their mission is not a solitary endeavor but a collaborative effort. They utilize the invaluable services of rescue groups and foster parents, creating a network of caring individuals dedicated to the welfare of animals. This comprehensive approach ensures that every animal is given the opportunity to thrive and find a loving home. 

 Addressing the Reality 

 WAHS confronts the sobering reality of animal overpopulation and the challenges it presents. Due to the high volume of animals that come into their shelters, tough decisions sometimes need to be made. While striving to place animals into new homes whenever possible, WAHS recognizes that factors such as space constraints may necessitate difficult choices. This transparency showcases their dedication to ethical practices and responsible animal care. 

 Joining Hands for ROCTOBER 

Join us for a ROC’n Dog Adoption Charity Event with the Western Arizona Humane Society (WAHS)

Let’s help dogs find their fur-ever homes! Whether you’re an experienced dog owner or just someone who adores these four-legged companions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Thursday, Oct 19 – 12-3pm

ROC Title Lake Havasu Office
2240 McCulloch Blvd N., Unit A
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

🐶 Meet Our Rescued Dogs: Interact with adorable, adoptable dogs from local shelters and rescue organizations. You might just meet your new best friend!

🍔 Refreshments: Enjoy delicious snacks and refreshments while mingling with fellow dog lovers.

🐕 Educational Workshops: Learn from experts about dog care, training, and responsible pet ownership.

📸 Photo Opportunities: Capture memories with furry friends at our photo booth.

💕 Collections Drive: Help support WAHS by purchasing an item from our Amazon Wish List. Place your order then ship or deliver to our Lake Havasu City ROC branch. We will be collecting dontions all month of October.

Link to Amazon collections drive 

🎉 Raffle: For every donation made through our Amazon Wish list, you will be entered to win a prize!

Peace. Love. Roc!

 To learn more about Western Arizona Humane Society and how you can contribute, visit their website at This October, let’s embrace the spirit of giving and make a difference in the lives of our beloved companions.